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Laying a new cabin sole
I've been unhappy with the cabin sole in my boat since the day I purchased her over 20 years ago. Like most production sailboats, the
424 cabin sole is a plywood laminate with a thin teak and holly venire. The forward half of the sole is in good condition, but the galley
and aft cabin soles are worn. There are numerous gouges and scrapes. Dirt is ground into the surface. Even if I had the patience to patch
the venire the surface is too thin to sand. My attempts to clean ahttp://www.richardcarter.net/boat/pix/sole/soleSander.JPGnd repair
the sole have led to frustration. I decided that it would be more practical to replace the damaged aft sole than to salvage it.

Click on the photo below for a larger image.
The photo to the left shows the cabin sole
before I started resurfacing.