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1987 Corvette Convertable (page-2)
I had a spare Kenwood TM-G707A dual-band transceiver. This is a nice radio with a removable front-panel. This allows the
radio body to be mounted anywhere in the vehicle while the display can be placed where it is easy to read. I normally mount
the radio under the passenger's seat and the display on a Pro-Fit mount on the dash. The first problem with the installation
was finding a place to put the radio body. The seats are on the floor and there's no room under them. There's no back seat
and no trunk. I was reluctant to use any of the very limited storage area behind the seats. The convertable top when
retracted uses most of this space. All that's left is a small space about the size of two carry-aboard bags. I was unwilling to
damage the car by drilling holes in the body or interior. This poses a real problem with a car that has very limited space. I
finally decided to mount the radio body vertically against the crossmember behind the seats. I had to fabricate the bracket
because the Kenwood bracket was too wide. I used a piece of galvanized steel plate used for framing homes.

The radio mounts flush against the crossmember using screw-holes that were put there by the factory for the strap that would
be used to secure the glass top in the coupe. Since I have a convertable, the bracket is unused. The harness routes over and
behind the passenger seat. I'm not entirely pleased with the exposed harness, but there's no convenient way to route it
around or through the crossmember.